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The Global Trade Modernization Index

Why another index

Technological progress is driving digitalization into all corners of the world economy. Companies and countries are racing to digitize trade and supply chains to unlock the efficiency, agility, and sustainability benefits that are making the ability to transact digitally a key investment criterion.

The Global Trade Modernization Index (GTMI) will assess economies’ readiness for digital trade across both the public and private sectors, as well as labor force capability. The Index aims to improve awareness among policymakers, investors, and businesses about what it takes to create advantage through digital trade and to promote its rapid and equitable adoption.

The Asia Global Institute, ICC Digital Standards Initiative, and Milken Institute have created the GTMI to progress our collective understanding of digital trade. We seek to build on the good work of others and invite anyone with expertise in key success factors for digital trade, to collaborate with us. The ALPHA version of GTMI was unveiled in March 2023, followed by the launch of the BETA version in Hong Kong in March 2024.

Find out more about GTMI beta edition here.


This 2024 version incorporates new data, small tweaks of the methodology, expert insights from the organisers as well as a Digital Policy Alert. The launch aims to highlight how economies can build their digital trade readiness through five linked pillars: (1) Paperless Trade, (2) Trade Openness, (3) Regulatory Environment, (4) Business Readiness, and (5) Human Capital. The index aggregates 27 indicators to evaluate 65 economies.

Advisory Panel

Dr Yann Duval: Chief, Trade Policy and Facilitation, UN ESCAP
Ms Eunice Huang: Head of Asia-Pacific Trade and Competitiveness Policy, Google
Dr Christian Volpe: Principal Economist, Integration and Trade Sector, Inter-American Development Bank
Mr Jeffery Weiss: Partner, Steptoe & Johnson

Authors and collaborators

Professor Heiwai Tang: Director of Asia Global Institute
Ms Shuyi Long: Researcher at Asia Global Institute
Ms Pamela Mar: Managing Director at ICC Digital Standards initiative
Ms Tianmi Stilphen: Lead, Regulatory Affairs of ICC Digital Standards Initiative
Mr Kevin Klowden: Chief Global Strategist of Milken Institute
Mr David Talbot: Associate Director of Global Policy at Milken Institute

Contact Information

For feedback or collaboration, please contact:

Ms Shuyi Long (AGI):
Ms Tianmi Stilphen (ICC):
Mr David Talbot (Milken):


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