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Pamela Mar

Pamela Mar

Director, Sustainability, Fung Group

About Pamela Mar

Ms. Pamela Mar runs the Fung Academy’s sustainability programs. She also helps manage sustainability strategies and practices for the Fung Group as a whole.

In both roles, she seeks to accelerate the Group’s shift towards more sustainable business models, in order to mitigate key environmental and social risks, as well as open up sustainable, competitive advantage for the Fung Group and its companies.

Ms. Mar’s vision is for the Group to become the go-to leader and business partner for sustainable supply chains and sustainable products. In doing so, the Group will foster responsible consumption globally, while promoting growth, stability and prosperity in the developing world.

Prior to joining the Fung Group, Ms. Mar was Director of the Global Finance Center of TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings, a major Chinese television and consumer electronics manufacturer. She previously worked at the World Economic Forum as its Associate Director for China, as well as Population and Community Development Association, a Thai NGO based in Bangkok.

Ms. Mar has published widely, including four books on Asian development and business. She is a fellow of the Asia Global Institute. She has also given numerous talks on sustainability, corporate responsibility and Asia’s growth and development.

Pamela graduated from Yale University summa cum laude with a degree in Philosophy and Chinese Studies. She holds an MSc Management degree from the London School of Economics.

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