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The Global Race to Regulate AI and Its Impact on National Competitiveness

The Global Race to Regulate AI and Its Impact on National Competitiveness

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Angela Zhang

AGI Public Policy Seminar Series

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Generative AI has captivated the global stage, prompting fierce discussions on AI safety and the risks involved. In response, major superpowers are swiftly advancing their regulatory frameworks: China has been proactive in rolling out a series of AI legislations; the European Union is on the verge of finalizing its AI Act; and the United States adopted a sweeping executive order last October to mitigate AI risks and ensure safety. This flurry of activity suggests a competition among major powers to regulate AI.

Drawing insights from her recently released book, High Wire: How China Regulates Big Tech and Governs the Private Economy, Zhang challenges the prevailing view of a regulatory race, unveiling a strategic and nuanced global regulatory landscape. She will delve into how the distinct approaches adopted by each superpower could influence their AI competitiveness. Additionally, she will highlight the importance of global cooperation on AI safety, a critical issue in the era of rapid technological advancement.

Join us for an engaging discussion that reconsiders the global approach to AI regulation and its impact on national competitiveness and safety collaboration.

About the Speaker

Senior Fellow, Asia Global Institute

Angela Zhang


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