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Academic Research

"Fast Fashion", Ana Fernandes and Heiwai Tang, Economic Journal, April 2022

"Processing Trade and Costs of Incomplete Liberalization: The Case of China", Loren Brandt, Bingjing Li, and Peter M Morrow, Journal of International Economics, July 2021

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"Trade Networks and Firm Value: Evidence from the U.S.-China Trade War", Yi Huang, Chen Lin, Sibo Liu, and Heiwai Tang, Journal of International Economics, forthcoming

Policy Research

"The Global Trade Modernization Index: Alpha Version", March 2023


"Accelerating SME and Inclusive Economic Growth through Trade Digitalization", Hong Kong Economic Journal, February 2023

"Gig Economy: Multiple Jobs under the New Normal", Hong Kong Economic Journal, November 2022

"Developing Agriculture Technology Is a Necessary Step Towards Food Security", Hong Kong Economic Journal, September 2022

"Why Has Economic Development Often Failed to Deliver Common Prosperity?", Hong Kong Economic Journal, September 2021

"RCEP — A Miraculous Feat amid Deglobalization", Hong Kong Economic Journal, January 2021



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