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Sergio Ruiz

Sergio Ruiz

Founder - Executive President

Think Tank SAS


About Sergio Ruiz

Sergio Ruiz is an advisor to both private and public sector entities, in areas covering public policy, management, law, infrastructure, negotiation and strategy. He has a broad experience in the public sector where, among other relevant positions, he served as an advisor to the ministers of telecommunications and strategic sectors, as a representative of the president of the Republic to the board of the Electricity Commission, and most recently, as chief of staff and secretary general to the vice president’s office.

Sergio has led and worked on the project financing and the design of several policies and regulations regarding infrastructure, telecommunications, energy, power and water development, trade agreements, and post-disaster reconstruction and production reactivation in Ecuador. Most of the projects he has worked on, involve different degrees of participation by players from China.

Sergio holds a master´s degree in business law from Francisco de Vitoria University in Spain and has attended specialized education on public policies and management and leadership in Georgetown University and the National Public Administration Institute of Malaysia.

His research as an AsiaGlobal Fellow will focus on how Asia and Latin America can foster cooperation, build opportunities and promote business, profiting from synergies and leveraging on strategic partnerships to build a win-win long-term relationship.


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