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AsiaGlobal Fellows Program

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is an interdisciplinary global leadership development initiative for mid-career professionals with a strong interest and track record in public policy. It aims to nurture future leaders and create influencers with a deeper understanding of global issues from Asian perspectives.

The Program is directed and administered by Asia Global Institute (AGI) , a multidisciplinary institute which aims to bring Asian perspectives to global issues. AGI provides platforms for leaders to explore timely and critical issues in an informed and objective manner.  Its research and programs are supported by international academics, practitioners and policymakers in Asia and beyond. Fellows will have opportunities to interact with these global thinkers and thought leaders via the AGI’s network.

Program Structure

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program typically accepts up to 16 participants for each year. Based in Hong Kong, the interdisciplinary Program usually runs from August to November.

Lectures by Scholars and Seasoned Leaders

Lectures and discussion sessions by academic, policy, business and civil society leaders from Hong Kong and around the world.

Organization Visits and Networking Opportunities

Local visits to different organizations to interact with leaders.

Study Tours to Asian Capitals

Study trips to different cities in mainland China and/or other Asian cities to gain first-hand experience in Asian cultures and perspectives.

Leadership Skills Training

Training on a broad range of leadership skills by top professionals.

Knowledge Exchange with Hong Kong Community at Large

Ample opportunities to share knowledge and expertise through different platforms on and beyond the HKU campus.

Mentorship of HKU Undergraduates

Fellows will provide mentorship and career counselling to HKU undergraduates and host lectures and seminars for knowledge exchange.

Intra-Fellows Seminars

Sessions for mutual learning and exchange among fellows.

Policy Research

A policy research project on a topic of his/her choice is required of each fellow. Guidance will be provided.

The program provides:

  • A stipend to help with living costs during the Program when Fellows are physically present in Hong Kong 
  • Accommodations during the formal fellowship duration 
  • Expenses for study tours

All admitted fellows need to cover their travel expenses to and from Hong Kong. A limited travel fund is available for fellows who can under no circumstances support their travel to Hong Kong or need to apply for a partial subsidy. 

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Program Sponsors

New World Group Charity Foundation
Tanoto Foundation

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is an interdisciplinary global leadership development initiative to nurture future leaders and influencers with a deep understanding of global policy issues from Asian perspectives.

Asia Global Institute is grateful for the contributions of New World Group Charity Foundation and Tanoto Foundation in supporting the AsiaGlobal Fellows Program. In recognition of the donors’ generosity, the fellows are named as "New World AsiaGlobal Fellows" or "Tanoto Foundation AsiaGlobal Fellows" during the program period.


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