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Sagina Walyat

Sagina Walyat

Constitutional & Human Rights Lawyer

Punjab & Haryana High Court, India


The Beacon of Rights org


About Sagina Walyat

Sagina Walyat, a constitutional and human rights lawyer at the Punjab and Haryana High Court in India, has been practicing law since 2010. She is a member ICC at central bank of India, zonal office Chandigarh, India. She also boasts extensive experience working in public policy at the state and central levels. Officially recognized by the Indian government in 2019 for her work in the legal and policymaking fields, Sagina was also an invitee to World Woman Summit in the same year. She is a certified changemaker with and as well a member of a gender think tank community of advocates for gender empowerment, in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy.

Sagina endeavours to narrow the legal literacy gap, especially among women, and has impacted more than two hundred thousands women’s lives. She also provides pro bono legal assistance to people with lower access to legal resources. Sagina, who cares deeply about the state of women in India and their potential in the workplace, advocates for and helps create safe workspaces for women through the effective implementation of laws of the land. Presently, collaborating with regional local administration of Chandigarh for the effective implementation of anti sexual harassment laws at workplaces. She is also a member of Anti Sexual Harassment National Council under the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee at Jan Shikhan Chandigarh, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and has also collaborated with various organizations to carry out research activities, and the modification, amendment, and implementation of legislation and policies.

She founded the Beacon of Rights Foundation to expand work on women empowerment, impact of mis/disinformation, education, the protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights in rural India through various projects, including establishing libraries and launching menstruation awareness drives, along with setting up sanitary products manufacturing units in rural or tribal areas. Sagina also fights for the rights of children, prisoners and the transgender community’s inclusivity and social upliftment.

Her research area as an AsiaGlobal Fellow will focus on conducting comparative studies on legislation concerning women, including best practices and schemes across Asia.


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