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Jonathan Drew

Jonathan Drew

Managing Director, Head of Global Banking Sustainability, Asia-Pacific, HSBC

About Jonathan Drew

Jonathan graduated with an MA in Economics from Cambridge University in England and is also qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Jonathan started his banking career more than 30 years ago in London and has worked in a diverse range of markets including Latin America and the Middle East has been based in Hong Kong since 1997 witnessing first-hand the rapid growth of Asia. During this time, he has been involved successful advisory and financing transactions across a wide range of industrial and services sectors including energy, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure and financial services, with a focus on resource efficiency and sustainability. These transactions have involved supporting projects, corporates and institutions to approach various financial markets and structuring innovative and tailored solutions to meet the often large and always specific needs of clients. Over the last 8 years Jonathan has led HSBC's efforts in Sustainable Finance in Asia, assisting clients in the development of sustainability and transition strategies and communicating these to ensure best access to financial markets.  Jonathan has also been active in broader market development including driving awareness and engagement on the urgency of the need to transition and the development of robust financial products to support the implementation of the transition to a sustainable and resilient future.  Jonathan is a member of the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Green Finance Association and is also the founding chair of the Asia Pacific Loan Market Association Green and Sustainable Loan Committee.


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