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Anil Kishora

Anil Kishora

Vice President, Strategy, Policies, Partnerships, ESG and Risk, New Development Bank

About Anil Kishora

Mr. Anil Kishora is Vice-President and CRO of NDB.

Mr. Anil Kishora had worked in India’s largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI) for about 38 years. During his long career, Mr. Anil Kishora had exposure to all areas of SBI operations.

Before joining the NDB, he worked as Deputy Managing Director & CRO of SBI, being responsible for managing SBI Group’s operational, market, credit, cyber, information security and other risks. Prior to that, Mr. Anil Kishora served as Deputy Managing Director/ Chief General Manager, SBI Local Head Office, Chandigarh, India and CEO of SBI in Singapore. He has also been a Council Member of Association of Banks in Singapore, a board member of IACPM, New York, and director on the boards of Macquarie SBI Infrastructure Management Pte. Ltd. and Macquarie SBI Infrastructure Trustee Ltd.


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