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  • AsiaGlobal Paper - China’s failed deleveraging and implications for OECD countries

    Since 2008, the growth of the Chinese economy has been financed by ever-increasing debt. During this period, the country's total debt increased by a good 100 percent of its economic output. The increasing debt burden threatens the stability of the Chinese economy. A financial crisis in China, on the other hand, would have serious consequences for the global economy. The Chinese state is responding to the growing mistrust of its own citizens by imposing severe restrictions on capital exports. Beijing must decide between stabilising the Chinese financial markets and promoting economic growth. Both goals will not be achieved at the same time. In this AsiaGlobal Paper, Heribert Dieter, Director of Policy Research of Asia Global Institute, explores China's fail deleveraging and its implications of OECD countries. 

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  • AsiaGlobal Conversation - Ten Questions on US-China-Japan Trilateral Relations: A Conversation with Professor Ezra F Vogel

    The United States, China and Japan have shaped the most consequential trilateral relations in the Asia-Pacific region. In a conversation with Yoshikazu Kato of the Asia Global Institute, Ezra Vogel, Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences Emeritus at Harvard University, an eminent scholar of Japan, China and East Asia, answered 10 questions related to the structural problems and the three countries’ relations in the context of the Asia-Pacific region.

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  • AsiaGlobal Paper - US-Japan-China Trilateral Relations: How their dynamics will shape Asia Pacific

    The United States, China, and Japan have shaped the largest and most consequential trilateral relations in the Asia Pacific region. In this working paper, Yoshikazu Kato, Adjunct Associate Professor of Asia Global Institute, discusses the three bilateral relationships within the triangle, which include different issues, challenges and prospects. 

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