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AsiaGlobal Papers is the institute’s policy research paper series featuring perspectives from academics, policymakers and stakeholders on geopolitical, political economy, and global trade issues. AsiaGlobal Papers seeks to address ongoing issues from a policymaking perspective and provide constructive analysis on current regional and global affairs.

  • China’s Rise, Deglobalization and the Future of Indo-Pacific Governance

    Author: David Arase
    Publishing date: July 2020

    International politics has shifted from unipolarity to bipolarity. This is accompanied by rising China-US strategic rivalry fuelled by incompatible visions of international governance. Meanwhile, social discontent is widespread around the world, which stems from unequal distribution of globalization’s costs and benefits. These two trends are reducing the prospects for global security and prosperity, leaving countries to fend for themselves in an increasingly polarized state-centric order.

    In this AsiaGlobal Paper, Professor David Arase discusses the potential impact of these developments on the future of the Indo-Pacific region.

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  • “The Decline of the West”: What Is It, and Why Might It Matter?

    Author: Mark Beeson
    Publishing date: April 2020

    The international order created under the auspices of “American hegemony” appears to be unraveling during the erratic and nationalistic leadership of Donald Trump, and the growing geopolitical and geoeconomic competition between the US and China. 

    This paper analyses these developments by putting them in historical context, considering what was distinctive about the “rise of the West”, and explaining why the relative decline of American influence may prove so consequential.

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  • China’s failed deleveraging and implications for OECD countries

    Author: Heribert Dieter
    Publishing date: November 2019

    Since 2008, the growth of the Chinese economy has been financed by ever-increasing debt. And the increasing debt burden would threaten the stability of the Chinese economy. On the other hand, the Chinese state is responding to the growing mistrust of its own citizens by imposing severe restrictions on capital exports. Beijing must decide between stabilizing the Chinese financial markets and promoting economic growth as they will not be achieved at the same time. 

    Find out more about China's failed deleveraging and its implications for OECD countries.

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  • US-Japan-China Trilateral Relations: How their dynamics will shape Asia Pacific

    Author: Yoshikazu Kato
    Publishing date: June 2019

    The United States, China, and Japan have shaped the largest and most consequential trilateral relations in the Asia Pacific region. Find out more about the three bilateral relationships within the triangle, which include different issues, challenges and prospects. 

    Access to the short version of the AsiaGlobal working paper here.

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  • AsiaGlobal Conversation - A Conversation with Professor Ezra F Vogel

    Author: Yoshikazu Kato
    Publishing date: November 2019

    Ezra F Vogel, Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences Emeritus at Harvard University, an eminent scholar of Japan, China and East Asia, answered 10 questions related to the structural problems and the relations among the United States, China and Japan in the context of the Asia-Pacific region.

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Call for submission

The Asia Global Institute invites proposals for papers to be published in the Institute’s AsiaGlobal Papers series. We encourage authors to send us proposals that address current issues in international economic relations.

We will consider papers that have not previously been published, have a strong policy focus and are written in English that can be easily read by both academics and a broad general audience. Papers should be within 8,000 to 15,000 words.

To make a submission, please send us the following documents:

  • A proposal for your paper in one page.
  • Curriculum vitae and a list of previous publications (total length should not exceed four pages).
  • A proposed schedule for the production of the paper.

To submit your documents, arrange them in a single PDF file and send them to Erik Bainbridge,

Please note that AsiaGlobal Papers uses the Author-Date system in the Chicago Style guide for citations. Download the style guide here

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