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為商人做辯護?「富者貧之母」的明清政治經濟學 為商人做辯護?「富者貧之母」的明清政治經濟學


Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020 16:00 - 17:30 Google Calendar Outlook/Apple Calendar
Venue: Zoom Webinar
Speaker(s): Peng-sheng Chiu 邱澎生
Language: Mandarin 講座以普通話進行
量化歷史網上講座系列: 為商人做辯護?「富者貧之母」的明清政治經濟學 Quantitative History Webinar Series - In Defense of Businessmen? The Political Economy of “the Rich Nourishing the Poor” in Ming-Qing China [Peng-sheng Chiu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University]


Between the mid-sixteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries, long-distance trade in China underwent great expansion. This was accompanied by the growth of a regional division of labor. During the past decade or two, it has become increasingly rare to see scholars deny the vigorous development of a market economy in China after the sixteenth century. However, it is still widely accepted that this market economy was insufficiently supported by the Ming and Qing governments, and that it was unable to further drive social and political changes because of the lack of adequate property-rights protection. This webinar will focus on the decline and fall of the “suppression of business” policy during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and in particular, introduce how tenets such as “fostering businessmen to benefit the peasantry” and “the rich nourishing the poor” were implemented in relevant policies and laws, and thus shaped important institutional change after the late-Ming period. These changes in the political economy of Ming-Qing China cannot be summed up in terms that directly correspond to the characteristics of a European “modern rational capitalism” or “modern society”; however, they constitute a noteworthy trajectory of “market evolution” in modern human history.

Live on Zoom on Thursday, September 10, 2020
16:00 Hong Kong/Beijing/Singapore | 17:00 Tokyo | 18:00 Sydney

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About the Speaker(s)
Peng-sheng Chiu 邱澎生

Peng-sheng Chiu 邱澎生

Distinguished Professor of History, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Event Poster
Quantitative History Webinar Series - 量化歷史網上講座系列: 為商人做辯護?「富者貧之母」的明清政治經濟學 In Defense of Businessmen? The Political Economy of “the Rich Nourishing the Poor” in Ming-Qing China [Peng-sheng Chiu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University]

量化歷史網上講座系列(Quantitative History Webinar Series)由香港大學陳志武教授和馬馳騁博士聯合發起並舉辦,旨在介紹前沿量化歷史研究成果、促進同仁交流,推廣量化方法在歷史研究中的應用。本系列講座由國際量化歷史學會、香港大學經管學院和亞洲環球研究所全力支持和承辦。

About the Quantitative History Webinar Series 
The Quantitative History Webinar Series, convened by Professor Zhiwu Chen and Dr. Chicheng Ma of The University of Hong Kong (HKU), aims to provide researchers, teachers and students with an online intellectual platform to keep up to date with the latest research in the field, promoting the dissemination of research findings and interdisciplinary use of quantitative methods in historical research. The Series is co-organized by the International Society for Quantitative History, HKU Business School, and the Asia Global Institute (AGI).

Conveners 召集人:
Professor Zhiwu Chen (陳志武教授)
Dr. Chicheng Ma (馬馳騁博士)


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