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How (not) to get published How (not) to get published

How (not) to get published

Date: Thursday, November 26, 2020 16:00 - 17:30 Google Calendar Outlook/Apple Calendar
Speaker(s): Hans-Joachim Voth
Language: English
Quantitative History Webinar Series - How (not) to get published [Hans-Joachim Voth,‬ University of Zurich]

Getting published is crucial for academic success. For most young scholars, the process is often daunting, frustrating, and confusing. This webinar is addressed to those who are just getting started in the publishing game -- doctoral students, post-docs, APs. Based on Joachim's experience as an editor over the last 12 years at a variety of journals (European Review of Economic HistoryExplorations in Economic HistoryEconomic Journal), he will mostly talk about pitfalls and simple strategies for improving one's chances -- what to avoid, and what to do. 

This event is mostly for doctoral students and post-docs.

Live on Zoom on November 26, 2020

16:00 Hong Kong/Beijing/Singapore
08:00 London | 09:00 Zurich | 17:00 Tokyo | 19:00 Sydney

About the Speaker(s)
Hans-Joachim Voth

Hans-Joachim Voth

UBS Foundation Professor of Economics, University of Zurich
Event Poster
Quantitative History Webinar Series - How (not) to get published [Hans-Joachim Voth,‬ University of Zurich]
How (not) to get published

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About the Quantitative History Webinar Series 
The Quantitative History Webinar Series, convened by Professor Zhiwu Chen and Dr. Chicheng Ma of The University of Hong Kong (HKU), aims to provide researchers, teachers and students with an online intellectual platform to keep up to date with the latest research in the field, promoting the dissemination of research findings and interdisciplinary use of quantitative methods in historical research. The Series is co-organized by the International Society for Quantitative History, HKU Business School, and the Asia Global Institute (AGI).

Professor Zhiwu Chen
Dr. Chicheng Ma 

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