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In Dialogue with Al Gore In Dialogue with Al Gore

In Dialogue with Al Gore

Venue: Diamond II, Level 3
In a white paper released earlier this year, Al Gore and his partners suggest revamping capitalism into a system that caters to real economic needs while integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into all aspects of decision making.

Sustainable Capitalism identifies key actions that would be needed to move capitalism beyond its present short-termism to foster value-creation and growth for the long term. While governments and civil society need to be part of the solution to the world’s unprecedented challenges, says Mr Gore, ultimately it will be companies and investors that will mobilise the capital needed to overcome them.

What would be the impact of such a mindset shift on the current global economic system? Will sustainable capitalism be taken seriously in Asia, a region which is still achieving economic growth under the old paradigm?

In a dialogue conducted over lunch with leading Hong Kong business executives, policymakers, investors, opinion-formers, scholars and civil society leaders,  Mr Gore will address such questions and explore why and how companies should  incorporate sustainable business models into their operations for the long term.

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