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In Conversation with Professor Georges Haour

In Conversation with Professor Georges Haour

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Venue: Fung Global Institute, Level 12 Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road

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Science and technology are shapers of our world and engines for corporate development. To remain competitive, companies need to harness the power of these twin engines to stimulate and orchestrate internal innovation. They also need to know how to access new sources of innovation talent, in particular in China and India.

Non-technical innovation, such as the creation of new business models and conceptual innovations, is equally important in a world facing many challenges. Turning knowledge and innovation into new revenue streams requires not only commitment but effective leadership, talent and highly motivated employees.

Increasingly, companies are collaborating with universities and industries to understand these issues better and to develop new ways to add value to their offerings.
To explore this subject, the Fung Global Institute hosted a discussion with Professor Georges Haour, Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at IMD Lausanne to explore how companies can effectively mine external sources of technology and innovation to gain competitive advantage.

Speaker: Professor Georges Haour – Professor of Technology and innovation, Management at IMD Lausanne
Moderator: Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann – Senior Fellow, Fung Global Institute; Professor of International Political Economy and Founding Director of the Evian Group at IMD Lausanne


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