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Leadership in a Post-Truth World

Leadership in a Post-Truth World

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Alejandro T Reyes, Nona Mamulashvili, Marc Levitt, Jason Yip

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AGI x AGF webinar series:
An intellectual exchange platform for AsiaGlobal Fellows globally to interact with the leadership of the Asia Global Institute and the institute's network of experts on important global policy issues. All are welcome.


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Key takeaways: 

  • Though ‘truth decay’ is not a new phenomenon, the challenge of recent years has been the proliferation of ideas of mass deception made more severe by inequality and the rise of populist and nationalist administrations.

  • For the US, the confluence of economic inequality, the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and the rise of under-regulated social media platforms have fostered fear and mistrust in vulnerable communities.

  • Having had to combat fake news and Soviet propaganda, Caucasus countries such as Georgia have learned that the most important tools for building trust are strong democratic institutions.

  • To the extent that countries can collaborate and develop solutions for the post-pandemic global economy, trust can be restored among populations and end the cycle of ‘truth decay’.

  • Greater education among all groups of society is the long-term solution to fake news, but in the short-term states must work together to shut down malign actors spreading disinformation. 
About the Speakers

Scholar-In-Residence, Asia Society Hong Kong

Alejandro T Reyes

2020/21 AsiaGlobal Fellow, Asia Global Institute

Nona Mamulashvili

Nona Mamulashvili is a 2020/2021 Tanoto AsiaGlobal Fellow. She is chairwoman of the Caucasus Economic Policy Institute. 

2017 AsiaGlobal Fellow, Asia Global Institute

Marc Levitt

Marc Levitt is a 2017 AsiaGlobal Fellow. Marc Levitt is a current Visiting Assistant Professor at National Chengchi University and the Co-Founder and Partner of Zeitgeist Strategies.

2020/21 AsiaGlobal Fellow, Asia Global Institute

Jason Yip

Jason Yip is a 2020/21 Tanoto AsiaGlobal Fellow. He is the Chief Executive Officer of MWYO.


Good leadership is crucial to building trust in a society. This means competent governance, effective policymaking, and informed, honest and sensible judgement. The advent of rapid-fire communications, rushed news cycles and pervasive social media have ushered in what has been called a "post-truth” world, with money politics, tribalism, increasing inequality, and the rise of populist movements leading to a severe breakdown in civility, community and the capacity for reform. The deadly and destructive invasion of the US Capitol by rioters was the latest example of the dire consequences of a crisis of confidence. In this webinar, AsiaGlobal Fellows will discuss the global trust deficit and the challenge that leaders face in a time of truth decay – What does good leadership mean when the spread of fake news, conspiracy theories, alternative facts and outright lies breeds suspicion, cynicism, irrationality and even violence?



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