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Quantitative History Webinars

A new knowledge exchange platform for researchers and students in the field of Economic History. Our interactive Webinars help researchers, teachers and students keep up to date with the latest research in the field. The Quantitative History Webinar Series is co-organized by the Asia Global Institute and Faculty of Business and Economics at HKU, and proudly supported by the International Society for Quantitative History.

為推動量化分析方法在歷史研究中的應用,給學界同仁搭建跨學科的學術交流平台,亞洲環球研究所聯同經濟及工商管理學院舉辦量化歷史網上講座系列(Quantitative History Webinar Series),旨在匯集量化歷史研究領域之專家學者於網上平台分享他們的最新研究成果及相互交流 。量化歷史網上講座系列銳意逢星期四舉辦講座,若邀請學者位於歐洲及中國時區,講座將於星期四香港時間下午4時至5時30分舉行;若位於美國時區,將於星期四香港時間上午9時至10時30分或10時至11時30分舉行。

公開講座 歡迎感興趣的學界同仁參加

If you are interested in presenting or you would like to suggest a speaker for our Quantitative History Webinar Series, please contact Beth of HKU Economic History Group.

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