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China's Evolving Growth Model: The Foshan Story

China's Evolving Growth Model: The Foshan Story

Posted on Monday, May 11, 2015

The Foshan Story exemplifies China's reform driven growth model and shows clearly how the necessary institutional changes emerge not only from the "right" state-market balance but from co-operation between the two.

It is a behemoth - by some measures the biggest in the world - and when it sneezes, there is probably not a place on the planet that doesn't at least shiver. Yet, for all that, China's economy is poorly understood.

China's Evolving Growth Model: The Foshan Story offers a systematic method of understanding the nation's governance and transition to a market-based economy by examining the evolution of one of its most dynamic cities. With more than seven million people and a top-tier per capita GDP by World Bank standards, the southeastern city of Foshan has been in the vanguard of China's market reforms since 1978.

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