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Desirée Viteri

Desirée Viteri

Tanoto Foundation AsiaGlobal Fellow

Undersecretary of Prevention and Eradication of Violence Against Women, Children and Adolescents

Ministry of Women and Human Rights of Ecuador


About Desirée Viteri

Desirée Viteri Almeida is an Ecuadorian lawyer, gender activist and human rights defender, specializing in gender-based violence. She holds degrees in Law, Diplomacy and International Relations, Political Science and Government, and is an Innovation and Leadership in Government Georgetown Scholar.

An advocate for gender equality, Desirée currently serves as Under Secretary of Prevention and Eradication of Violence Against Women, Girls, Boys and Adolescents at the Ministry of Women and Human Rights. Her job consists of preventing and eradicating violence against women, children and adolescents through the development, monitoring and evaluation of compliance with public policy, the articulation of specialized comprehensive protection systems, the implementation of violence prevention programs and the provision of services of care, protection and comprehensive reparation for a life free of violence.

Desirée had held significant governmental positions dedicated to safeguarding vulnerable populations. Notably, she served as the Director of Care, Special Protection, and Reparation for Victims of Violence, Exploitation, Trafficking, and other Priority Care Groups. Additionally, she managed the "Violet Centers" Investment Project at the Ministry of Women and Human Rights. Furthermore, she held the role of Human Rights, Gender, and Inclusion National Director. Throughout her career, Desirée has demonstrated unwavering commitment to advancing human rights, particularly in areas such as gender equality, education, peace, justice, migration, and health. Her dedication has extended across various institutions, including the Ministry of Women and Human Rights, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, the National Court of Justice, Universities, different Embassies, among others.

She holds a master’s degree in political analysis and institutional consulting from the University of Barcelona. Additionally, she pursued doctoral studies in law and political science, focusing on criminal law and criminal sciences.

Her research as an AsiaGlobal Fellow will be analyzing gender equality advances and women's empowerment in Asia. Desirée aspires to influence policy, governance, and leadership by advocating for gender equality and women's empowerment, leveraging her expertise to create impactful changes that promote inclusive and sustainable development in the world. She envisions to keep on serving her country, whether in a governmental role like now or as a representative abroad.


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