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Barbara Meynert

About Barbara Meynert

Barbara Meynert has held significant positions with innovation and tech mentoring roles in investment banking with N.M. Rothschild & Sons and other international banks, including Kredietbank and Barclays Capital BZW, and in supply chain and distribution management with the Fung Group. Her senior executive and Board-level experience spans across diverse sectors.

In her expansive career, Ms Meynert has provided strategic guidance to multilateral organizations like UN ESCAP, fintech institutions including the Astana International Financial Center and HK Cyberport, and the International Chamber of Commerce. She played a critical role in the establishment of the HK Securities and Futures Commission and the HK Airport Authority. Ms Meynert is the founder of the World Business Chamber, and currently an advisory board member at the Asia Global Institute and the World Digital Chamber, and Vice Chair at the HK-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Foundation.

In continuation of her role as a mentor and innovator, Ms Meynert has introduced AiXoLab in response to the rise of the AI era. AiXoLab is a consultancy practice where Ms Meynert’s knowledge becomes accessible to a wider audience, allowing her impact to resonate beyond traditional corporate boundaries. AiXoLab is positioned to assist businesses in understanding and leveraging the complex dynamics of AI, paving the way for their progress and exponential growth.

With a global perspective, shaped by living and working in Asia and Europe, Ms Meynert is based in Bangkok where she continues her journey of tech innovations and mentorship.


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