1050x300-PM-Sustainable Lifestyles in Asia-a Thought Starter

Sustainable Lifestyles in Asia: A Thought Starter

Author(s): Pamela Mar

Date: Sep 17, 2013

Theme(s): Sustainability

Publications: Books & Reports

For consumer markets, the challenge is to grow consumption so that it meets needs and desires of citizens, but without the adverse environmental or social impacts that characterize consumption today. Supply chains are already evolving on the production side to reflect new social and environmental priorities, in terms of product design, production, distribution and job creation. On the consumption side, change will come in terms of how consumers select, use, and dispose of products. Business leaders are beginning to understand how sustainable practices can converge with increased competitiveness. And government, of course, must play its part to align incentives, enact forward-looking policy, and educate the public so as to promote sustainable production and consumption.

To explore these issues further – and to begin to articulate an Asian narrative for sustainable consumption – FGI partnered with Futerra and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) on a workshop which brought together over 30 participants from business, government, and civil society, entitled Exploring the Business Value of Sustainable Lifestyles: Focus on Asia. This report explores some of the issues that arise in promoting sustainable lifestyles, while drawing from the workshop and its insights.

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