Have You Seen... On Poverty and Inequality

Author(s): Asia Global Institute

Date: May 9, 2017

Theme(s): Sustainability

Insights: Have You Seen

A curated collection of reports and insights on global inequality.

Taking on Inequality

The World Bank’s Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016 edition seeks to give global audiences the latest information, data, as well as trends in global poverty. “The 2016 edition takes a close look at the role that inequality reduction plays in ending extreme poverty and improving the lives of the poorest in every country. (The report also) looks at recent country experiences that have been successful in reducing inequality, provides key lessons from these experiences, and synthesizes the rigorous evidence on public policies that can shift inequality in a way that bolsters poverty reduction and shared prosperity in a sustainable manner… the report addresses some myths about the global picture of inequality, and what works to reduce it.” (from the World Bank description of its 2016 inequality report)

Take Gini coefficients with a grain of salt

The Asian Development Bank’s Principal Regional Economist for Central and West Asia Lyaziza Sabyrova argues that while the Gini coefficient, which is used to measure income distribution worldwide, is widely accepted- there are reasons to take this indicator with a degree of skepticism. She notes that the measure has serious shortcomings, and in some cases, its data could reflect biases towards less inequality.


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