Finance & Macroeconomics

Financial Sector Development and the Real Economy

As Asia’s growth continues to outpace that of the world’s advanced economies, we look at key developments, including the internationalization of the RMB, the impact of shadow banking on an economy, the creation of a new, large-scale middle-class, and the advent of disruptive technology. We then ask how these factors are likely to impact not just Asia, but the global financial architecture and the global economy.

We look at the key drivers that are likely to shape policy in this part of the world, explore the need for new rules to meet the requirements set by a new world order, and work out whether the world is ready to adjust to the aspirations of billions of workers transformed into billions of new consumers.

Project team:
Andrew Sheng, Ismail Dalla, Howard Davies, Wu Jinglian, Geng Xiao

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