AGI Lecture: How Xi Jinping deals with Trump: A Japanese perspective

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 1230-1400

Venue: Asia Global Institute, MB 328, 3/F Main Building, HKU

Xi Jinping’s China has entered a “new era”. As the “core” of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi has removed presidential term limits and explicitly consolidated his power. How, then, does he use this power, and for what? Tensions between China and the United States – including over the Taiwan straits, the Korean peninsula and the trade relationship – have been escalating since Trump took office. How will Xi Jinping’s global strategy and his political ambitions affect his dealings with Trump? Will Trump’s America undermine or strengthen the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party? What path will the competition between “the China Dream” and “America First” take us down? At the upcoming event, Kato will discuss U.S-China relations under the Xi-Trump leadership, and outline Japan’s role and its possible strategic choices between the two major powers.

First come, first served. Please click here to register. This lecture will be conducted in Putonghua.

中國進入了習近平「新時代」。 作為中國共產黨的「核心」,習近平通過在憲法上解除國家主席任期等方式不斷鞏固自己的權力基礎。 接下來的問題是,習近平究竟如何使用被鞏固了的權力,以及憑什麼使用這些權力? 自從特朗普上任以來,中美之間臺灣問題、朝核問題、經貿問題等緊張和摩擦逐漸升溫,對此,習近平本著自己的全球戰略和政治野心如何應對特朗普?「特朗普的美國」到底是鞏固還是侵蝕中國共產黨的合法性?「 美國第一」和「中國夢」之間的競賽何去何從? 加藤嘉一將討論習近平—特朗普領導下的中美關係的現狀和展望,以及日本在兩個大國之間如何做出戰略性的選擇,發揮建設性的作用。





Yoshikazu KATO
Research Fellow
Charhar Institute

Speaker’s Biography:

Yoshikazu KATO is currently a research fellow at the Charhar Institute, and columnist for the New York Times (Chinese edition). He was a visiting lecturer at School of Journalism, Fudan University; a visiting researcher at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus Institute; a Rajawali Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School; a fellow at Harvard Asia Center; a visiting scholar at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; and a visiting professor at the School of International Studies at Liaoning University. His article have appeared in the Financial Times Chinese edition, Yazhou Zhoukan (Hong Kong), Nikkei Asian Review and Southern Weekly, among others. He holds B.A and M.A in International Relations from Peking University, and is the author of How Will China Democratize? (Japanese, 2015), Patriotic Slaves (Traditional Chinese, 2011), The Japanese Dream (Simplified Chinese, co-author with Col. Liu Mingfu, 2016) and How Xi Jinping Deals with TrumpChina’s global strategy and Japan’s Choice (Japanese, 2017), among other works.


加藤嘉一(Yoshikazu KATO)目前是中國察哈爾學會研究員,《紐約時報》中文網專欄作家。 他的著作有《中國民主化研究》(日文、2015年)《愛國賊》(繁體中文、2011年)《中國的邏輯》(簡體中文:2010年)《日本夢:沉默,但遲早要選擇》(簡體中文、2016年、與中國人民解放軍大校劉明福的合著)《 習近平如何應對特朗普:中國的全球戰略與日本的選擇》(日文、2017年)。