AGI Lecture: Realizing the Healthy Longevity Dividend: A Global Grand Challenge

Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 1200-1320

Venue: Asia Global Institute, MB 328, 3/F Main Building, HKU

The world is facing a major demographic shift. Advances in medicine, public health, and social and economic development have resulted in unprecedented extensions of human life across the world. Today, 617 million around the world are aged 65 and over, and this number could double by 2050. This development could further strain the world’s finite resources.

Altering the course will require the commitment of societies globally to broad, systematic change. In particular, the following four areas must be addressed: (1) personal, social, economic and environmental determinants; (2) clinical medicine and health care delivery systems; (3) policy and practice; (4) science, technology, and innovation. Across these domains, particular consideration should be given to the following: lifecourse approaches to healthy aging and disease prevention; addressing the needs of the frail; access to care and achieving universal design; improving social and environmental factors; promoting equity and mitigating disparities; and catalyzing innovation.

Dr Victor Dzau discussed the National Academy of Medicine’s efforts to develop a roadmap for healthy aging and disease prevention.

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Dr. Victor Dzau, President of the Institute of Medicine

Victor J Dzau
National Academy of Medicine, USA