AGI lecture: AI and inequality: How smart machines exacerbate demographic bias and inequality

Date: Friday, January 11 2019, 1230 – 1400

Venue: Asia Global Institute, MB 328, 3/F Main Building, HKU

How does AI generate riches, redistribute wealth and distort the labour market in multi-cultural societies? How will AI distort off-shoring and upend the traditional development model? As AI displaces humans from their jobs, economic value will be transferred from labour to capitalists, particularly the ‘super-elites’. In an era where capital is mobile while labour is less so, AI will exacerbate already-high levels of inequality if left unmanaged.

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Kai L. Chan
Distinguished Fellow

Speaker’s Biography

Dr. Kai L. Chan is a distinguished fellow at INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative. He is also a founder and partner at Aiowala Technologies, a Montreal-based AI company. Previously Dr. Chan was a special adviser to the UAE federal government on competitiveness and statistics, where he focused on that country’s positioning on global performance indices. He was also a member of the Dubai Expo 2020 bid team.  Prior to moving to the UAE in 2011, Dr. Chan served as an associate and the in-house economist for a consumer finance merchant banking firm in Manhattan. Before that, he worked in the Singapore office of a global management consulting firm where he engaged in assignments in Asia and Europe covering risk management and strategic planning for banks.

Dr. Chan’s expertise/research covers education, income distribution, migration, government and policy, and performance measurement. He is the creator of the Power Language Index, Gender Progress Index, and Intelligence Capital Index. Dr Chan holds an undergraduate degree (BSc) in economics & mathematics from the University of Toronto, and graduate degrees (MA, PhD) in economics from Princeton University. He has taught courses in economics, mathematics and statistics at Princeton, University of Toronto and Concordia (Montreal). Dr. Chan speaks English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin and German, and is currently learning Russian.