In Dialogue with Al Gore

Oct 16, 2012

In a white paper released earlier this year, Al Gore and his partners suggest revamping capitalism into a system that caters to real economic needs while integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into all aspects of decision making.

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Institutions and Growth Models: Experiences from Asia and their Global Implications

A Dialogue with Paul Romer

Feb 29, 2012

The Institute organized a dialogue session with Professor Romer to discuss the idea behind Charter Cities; the role of institutions and rules in economic development; how his learnings from Asia have influenced his Charter Cities concept, and, in turn, what kind of changes in institutions are needed in Asian countries to succeed in the next stage of their development.

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Financing Asia's Low Carbon Growth

Jan 31, 2013

Amidst economic slowdown in the West and rapid growth at home, Asia is now the new frontline in the battle against global climate change. The environment is under pressure as a result of industrialisation, urbanisation and a rapidly growing middle class. Efforts to mitigate rising carbon emissions and to adapt to the effects of climate change face serious challenges, calling for effective financing, the right policies and actions by businesses.

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In Conversation with Professor Georges Haour

Effective Innovation Management for Job Creation

Dec 14, 2011

Science and technology are shapers of our world and engines for corporate development. To remain competitive, companies need to harness the power of these twin engines to stimulate and orchestrate internal innovation. They also need to know how to access new sources of innovation talent, in particular in China and India.

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A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence

Sustainable Growth in Asia : Challenges as the Advanced Economies Slow in a Resource-Constrained World

Oct 21, 2011

The global economy is at a crossroads. As emerging economies reshape the economic landscape with their growth, the advanced economies continue to slow. Nobel Laureate and the Institute's Academic Board Chairman Professor Michael Spence will discuss how best to move forward in this multi-speed world and consider the possibilities for advanced countries and Asia to maintain growth in the face of limits on resources.

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