China Still Lacks a Consistent "Story"

Author(s): Zhiwu Chen

Date: Dec 4, 2018

Theme(s): China

Publications: Opinions & Speeches

AGI Director Zhiwu Chen talks about China’s reform and why the country still lacks a consistent value and institutional system after 40 years of transformation.

Back in 2009, Zhiwu Chen wrote an article Viewing China from 2049 and predicted that only focusing on economic reform would distort China’s systems and its people’s mindsets. Ten years later, the status quo of China’s economy, trade and diplomacy  have validated his views. In the next 30 years, China would need a comprehensive reform. Only then would the country be able to build a consistent value, institutional and cultural system, a consistent “China story” that links up its politico-socio-economic realities and its culture.

To access the full article on Financial Times (Chinese version), please click here.