Capital Flows Management: Lessons from International Experience

Author(s): Andrew Sheng

Date: Jun 6, 2013

Theme(s): Finance & Macroeconomics

Publications: Books & Reports

Senior policy makers and government leaders share individual experiences and analysis related to capital account liberalization.

Capital Flows Management: Lessons from International Experience collects contributions from the participants at a joint IMF-PBOC conference. The work includes testimonies from the senior policy makers involved, of the often dramatic stories of each country‘s experience in opening up. The e-book also presents the various important analytical contributions made at the conference, as well as the observations and reactions of the senior Chinese government officials, academics, and members of policy think tanks who participated. Taking advantage of the somewhat more flexible format and technology of an electronic publication, the e-book includes the participants’ presentations (mostly power-point) as given at the conference, prefaced by brief written summaries. As such, and with the relatively brief time period elapsed since the conference, this compendium provides a unique perspective of the complex and challenging task faced by policy makers, and a crisp, vivid, and highly relevant set of experiences and policy lessons on managing the process of capital account liberalization.

Part two of this e-book collects presentation documents and power points from the joint conference held by the IMF and the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) on capital account liberalization. Key power points include a presentation by Fung Global Institute President Andrew Sheng in which he discusses the different challenges faced by developed and emerging economies when opening capital accounts, as well as presentations from representatives of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the IMF, and the PBOC.

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Publisher:  International Monetary Fund and People’s Bank of China, Beijing, 2013