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The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is a global initiative designed to nurture future leaders. AsiaGlobal Fellows are promising mid-career professionals from around the world and across a spectrum of occupations, including policy makers, policy advisors, business and civil society. They share a common policy interest in Asia, have demonstrated strong leadership potential, and are committed to making a positive impact on society. A central goal of the program is to further develop the leadership skills of tomorrow’s leaders and broaden their global knowledge, exposure and experience.

The thirteen-week inter-disciplinary program consists of lectures by academics, senior government officials and business leaders, skill training workshops, and onsite visits to Asian capitals and manufacturing centers. Activities and reunions are organized to maximize both participation and interaction among current and past AsiaGlobal Fellows. Everyone is expected to benefit from and contribute to the AsiaGlobal Fellows alumni network. The Program is funded by HKU and other generous supporters. Our first cohort of AsiaGlobal Fellows will arrive in late August 2017.

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is directed and administered by the Asia Global Institute (AGI) at HKU. AGI is a think-tank research institution focusing on global issues from Asian perspectives. Based on a multi-disciplinary approach, AGI generates and disseminates innovative policy- and business-relevant research. It aims to inform global policy and decision-making towards a prosperous and sustainable future for all. AGI’s research and programs are supported by a network of international experts at HKU and beyond that includes distinguished scholars, policy-makers and business leaders from different countries.




The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program accepts up to 16 participants for each annual cohort.

The Program includes the following elements:

  • Distinguished lectures by senior faculty and successful leaders
  • Seminars by the Fellows and talks by prominent individuals
  • Leadership and communication skills training sessions
  • Site visits and meetings in Mainland China and other Asian countries
  • Policy research
  • Mentoring


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All expenses incurred through participation in the Program will be covered, including the following:

  • A monthly stipend to help with living costs
  • Accommodation*
  • Round-trip travel from home country
  • Site-visit travel expenses
  • Insurance

Any necessary assistance with visas will also be provided.


*Not applicable to Hong Kong-based Fellows


For more information, please email to: agf.enquiry@hku.hk