Global Thinkers - Secure the Upswing and Strengthen Long-term Growth

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde presents the IMF’s view of the global economy and where it is headed


AGI Lecture: The Global Energy Challenge

Professor Michael Greenstone explores opportunities for better balancing of economic growth and environmental quality in China


Global Thinkers - New Measures of the (Digital) Economy

MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson and AGI Advisory Board Co-Chair Dr Victor K Fung discuss how digital goods have created enormous gains in well-being, which are largely missed by conventional measures of GDP and productivity


AGI Lecture: Realizing the Healthy Longevity Dividend: A Global Grand Challenge

Watch Dr Victor Dzau discuss the National Academy of Medicine’s efforts to develop a roadmap for healthy aging and disease prevention


Asia-Global Dialogue 2017

AGI’s flagship conference touched on populism and a perceived retreat from globalization. It also looked at trade, finance, sustainable development, and the potential impact of artificial intelligence





The Asia Global Institute is a multi-disciplinary think tank jointly established by the Fung Global Institute (FGI) and The University of Hong Kong (HKU). It generates and disseminates innovative business-relevant research on global issues from Asian perspectives.

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