AGD 2018: Redefining multilateralism in a new global economy

AGD 2018 will look at issues triggered by recent political development, relations between the U.S. and China, the shake-up of global and regional trade systems, geo-economic and security concerns in Asia Pacific, and the advancement of AI in society.


Economic History Workshop: Discrimination, Managers, and Firm Performance

Exploring evidence from “Aryanizations” in Nazi Germany.


Finance 4.0: Building innovative, resilient and sustainable systems amidst disruption

Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng explores issues that financial policy makers and regulators must consider to ensure the creation of an efficient, innovative, resilient and sustainable system in transitioning to Finance 4.0.


Global Thinkers - The Rise of Populism and Right-Wing Nationalism for Europe - Implications for Asia

Former Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou will address the rise of the right in Europe, and evaluate the knock-on effect of this trend on Asia.


AGI Lecture: China’s High-Tech Drive: Implications for the Global Economy

Scott will illustrate these findings by looking at specific cases, including new-generation cars, commercial aircraft, e-commerce, and semiconductors.


Meet the incoming AsiaGlobal Fellows

Asia Global Institute welcomes 12 up-and-coming influencers from around the world.



The Asia Global Institute is a multi-disciplinary think tank jointly established by the Fung Global Institute (FGI) and The University of Hong Kong (HKU). It generates and disseminates innovative business-relevant research on global issues from Asian perspectives.

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